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Did you know that one in five Americans now report that they have had a bed bug infestation in their home or know someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel?  Yes, it’s true bed bugs are back!  In a recent study conducted by the National Pest Management Association, they determined that the problem is not waning. In fact, nearly 100% of pest professionals polled across the country have encountered a bed bug infestation within the past year.  It is believed that the growing problem is due to international travel and the ban on some of the most effective pesticides used to control them.  Bed bugs can be one of the most frustrating pests to encounter in your home and one of the most difficult to control.

You can protect yourself, your family and your home by being educated about bed bugs and able to recognize an infestation as soon as it begins.  Don’t be misled by their name, bedbugs don’t stop in the bedroom, they will infest the soft furnishings throughout your entire home and controlling them can be both frustrating and expensive.

Bedbugs can be picked up nearly anywhere:  a hotel room, a cab, a movie theatre, even a friend’s home.  They are skilled hitchhikers and will infest a cheap motel just as easily as they will a 5-star luxury suite.  If left undetected, their rapid reproduction rates allow them to infest a room in a short amount of time after they are introduced.  Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, most often while we sleep.  Therefore, they most often infest our sleeping areas and feed during the night.  Treatment by a professional is expensive, setting you back thousands of dollars.  They are not known to transmit disease but will wreak havoc on you both physically and mentally, causing itchy welts and sleepless nights.  But don’t despair, you can be protect your home and family from these blood-sucking parasites.