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It is not very common to see bed bugs, even in an infested room.  Bed bugs are nocturnal and will find a dark hiding spot within close proximity to their blood meal.  However, when changing sheets, performing an inspection of a bedroom or mattress and box spring and surrounding area you may come across one and be able to positively identify it as a bed bug.

Adult Bed bugs are:

  • Visible to the eye but very small, about ¼” in length
  • Have six legs
  • Flat bodies if they have gone without a blood meal for awhile
  • Engorged bodies if they have had a recent blood meal
  • Red to brown in color, depending upon their last blood meal

You may also notice:

  • Sticky, white eggs approximately 1mm long, comparable to a sesame seed
  • Young bed bugs, also known as nymphs, which have no color to them, comparable to an apple seed
  • Empty bed bug shells (also known as casings)