Now that you are well-educated on what bedbugs look like and have an inspection checklist on hand, let’s talk about how to detect bedbugs early to prevent a full-blown infestation.

Note that detecting a small bedbug infestation is very difficult but finding an infestation while it is still small can make a huge difference in treatment.  Even a trained professional can have a hard time spotting a small bedbug infestation, therefore, we strongly recommend you utilize a monitor to uncover bedbug infestations early.

506-0002webBBEDS™ monitors (Bedbug Early Detection System) are a part of a regular inspection plan to dramatically increase the probability of bedbug detection.  The device utilizes what we know about bedbug biology – where they like to hide, what kind of materials they favor – to create a bedbug “safe haven.”  Simply place BBEDS™ monitors in key areas around your bedroom or sleeping area and check regularly.