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Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers able to latch onto our clothing, luggage, furniture and other items.  We unknowingly bring them into our home and, if left undetected, they will grow into a serious infestation.  Here are some of the most common ways that bedbugs are brought into our homes:

Traveling – Bedbugs are easily introduced into hotel rooms making this one place you should be extra vigilant.  These steps will help you to avoid picking up bed bugs on your next trip:

  • Treat your luggage before you travel.  Consider our luggage spray (link to store) that prevents bed bugs from latching onto your things.
  • Before moving into a hotel room, do a visual inspection of the room.  See our Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Inspection Checklist (link to downloadable checklist) for tips.
  • Store your luggage on a hard surface away from the bed in the room.  Inspect and then use a luggage rack, a desk or dresser.  If you are especially concerned, consider storing your luggage in the bathtub.
  • Upon returning home, wash and dry all of your clothing on the hottest setting; vacuum your luggage as an extra precaution; do not return your luggage to your room or store it there, keep it in the garage or area away from the bedroom.

Used Furniture – Do not bring used furniture into the home. If you must, be sure you inspect it carefully for bed bugs.  NEVER pick up a used mattress, there is a good chance someone disposed of it due to a bedbug infestation.

Seal Cracks & Crevices – If you live in a multi-unit building you can become infested from a neighbor with bedbugs.  Bedbugs can slip through a crack as thin as a credit card.  Seal all cracks and crevices around your home with caulk to reduce your chance of becoming infested by a neighboring unit.

Avoid Known Infestations – Check for bedbug infested hotels/motels on bedbugregistry.com or tripadvisor.com.  Also, be aware of known infestations in movie theatres and office buildings.  If you have been exposed to bedbugs wash and dry your clothing and any bags or belongings you had with you on the hottest setting allowable for the material to kill bedbugs and their eggs.