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Identifying a bed bug infestation early on and acting on it makes a big difference when it comes to controlling bed bugs.  Be aware of the following signs that may tip you off to an infestation:

  • If anyone in the house is suffering from red, itchy, unexplained rashes it could be bed bugs.  Keep in mind that only about half of the people will have such a reaction from a bite.  Therefore, two people could both be sleeping in the same bed, both be bitten by bed bugs but only one have a reaction or rash.
  • You may notice bug casings which are bed bug shells, white, sticky bed bug eggs, blood stains on the bedding or crushed bugs and blood stains in and around the mattress area.  Blood stains are often said to look like sprinkled pepper on a mattress or sheet.
  • Heavy infestations may give the room a sweet smell.
  • Note that the signs above may appear in couches, chairs, other sleeping areas of the home and even any soft furnishings in the home.