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If you positively identify a bedbug in your home take the following steps to minimize the risk of them spreading:

  1. Try to uncover how the infestation started:  an infested piece of luggage, possibly from a neighboring unit?  Isolate any infested materials in plastic bags and seal it tightly.  Wash and dry on the hottest possible setting any clothing, bedding, etc. that may have been infested.  If you believe it is from a neighboring unit seal any cracks and crevices you can find to minimize more bugs from entering.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum the entire area.  Turn furniture over for a thorough treatment and remember to use a good attachment to get into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are most likely to hide.
  3. Wrap and discard the vacuum bag outside of your home or building.
  4. Do not move to another room in the home to avoid them!  Bedbugs will follow, increasing the infestation area in your home.
  5. We highly recommend contacting a Pest Management Professional at the first sign of an infestation.