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Follow These Homeowner Tips to Keep Fruit Flies Out:

1.Inspect fruits and vegetables.

Carefully look over all fruits and vegetable whether coming in from your garden or that purchased at a store.  Fruit flies prefer ripened and over-ripened fruits and vegetables so pay special attention to those brought into the home.

2. Quickly discard of over-ripened fruit and vegetables. 

Fruit flies love ripened and especially over-ripened and even rotting fruits and vegetable.  Be sure to quickly discard of these produce items putting them in sealed containers outside of your home.

3. Ensure that windows and doors are not left open and are properly screened. 

Fruit flies can also enter from the outdoors so just as with house flies properly securing entryways into your home will reduce your chances of getting a fruit fly infestation.

4. Ensure that all stored food and drinks are well-sealed.

If fruit flies have the opportunity they will get up under the lids of canned foods or drinks and lay their eggs resulting in a major infestation, especially if these items were stored in an out of the way area.

5. Clean recycling buckets regularly. 

Fruit juice spills that are left in areas like garbage or recycling cans can result in thousands of fruit flies.  Clean these cans regularly to eliminate their breeding sites.