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This is the most common type of fly you will find around your home.  The house fly is about a quarter of an inch long and dark in color.  They often enter through open doors and windows and can be frustrating to catch once inside. 

Not only are flies a nuisance to have around your home they are also able to spread disease.  In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, house flies are responsible for around 100 different diseases to humans including salmonella, tuberculosis and more.  Flies breed and land in filth, they feed on fecal matter, decaying food, dumps, sewers and more and then carry those germs to your food and food preparation areas.   They also pass disease along through their saliva and constant defecating.

Although they do not bite, these annoying, uninvited house guests are fast breeders and if left unchecked can establish large populations inside of your home quickly.