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Follow These Homeowner Tips to Keep Flies Out:

1. Keep a very clean home.

Flies are known to feed and breed in unclean conditions such as animal waste, compost, exposed or rotting food, garbage and other decomposing matter.  Special care should be taken to remove or minimize these conditions by doing things like taking the garbage out regularly, keeping garbage cans tightly sealed and away from entrance ways, keeping organic debris and compost to a minimum, removing pet waste and covering exposed food.  Proper sanitation is a critical first step in controlling unwanted pests.

2. Seal them out!

Make sure all exterior doors and windows have screens and that they are in good condition.  Also seal any cracks or voids that lead directly to the outside and double check gas and water pipes which are known entryways.

3. Catch the ones that make it in.

Catchmaster™ offers  many products that are designed tocapture flying insects that are chemical-free and safe to use in your home.  Gold sticks are supplied with bait and can be placed in the home in inconspicuous locations.  It is always beneficial if they can be placed in an area that gets some external source of illumination like near a light or sunny window. Fly strips can be hung in likely flight pathways to provide the linear landing surfaces that flies prefer.  Whenever possible, install your fly control products between entry points and food sources.

4. Treat outside problem areas. 

Install pre-baited fly bags outside in areas that may pose potential problems like waste collection sites, dumpster areas, dog kennels and stables.  In cases with large persistent infestations it is recommended that you consult a professional pest control operator to evaluate your situation and apply chemical control methods if necessary.

5. Promptly remove pet droppings.

Leaving pet droppings in your backyard will attract flies and other pests to your lawn and increase the chance of them making their way inside of your home.  Clean up pet droppings quickly and dispose of them in well-sealed containers.