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On-Going Monitoring Can Help You Catch an Infestation Early

Catching mice in your home when they first infest can make the difference between quick control and an ongoing problem.  Monitoring with glueboards can help whether you had infestations in the past, have suspicions that you have a mouse or mice in your home or want to be alerted to any mice activity within your home.  Monitoring for mice is easy with proper placement in areas of the home at highest risk of a mouse infestation like the attic, basement, garage or other out of the way areas of the home.

Visit our glueboards section of the website (link here) to review glueboard options.  Place glueboards along walls or baseboards in hard to reach areas of the home like an out of the way corner in the basement, in the attic, garage or other area of the home.  We suggest using several glueboards in a row for capture purposes and change them out every (time to change them out?) when they may have captured some other pests or become covered with household dust.