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SleepAWAY™ Mouse Bait & Relaxant

Product Details

Valerian Root, an herbal sedative commonly used as a sleep aid and in all-natural/organic relaxants, is also a powerful rodent bait and attractant. Legend has it that the Pied Piper himself utilized the attractant powers of Valerian to lead the rodents out of Hamelin. The potent SleepAWAY™ attractant draws rodents to the Catchmaster® Mouse Inn™ or any other humane live-catch trap. The trapped mouse will consume the SleepAWAY™ bait and become relaxed or even fall asleep. The rodent can then be released. SleepAWAY™ can also be used as an added attractant or bait with any type of rodent trap. The rodent can then be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

25pk – Item #600