House Fly Control Tips

House flies are probably one of the most common pests that you encounter in your home. Perhaps you think of them as just a nuisance, grab your fly swatter and attempt to eliminate them. But having flies buzzing around your home, circling around your kitchen, gives the impression of unsanitary conditions. Not to mention that flies are just downright annoying to have around. And, while house flies may look innocent as they buzz about around your home, beware! Those same flies that are landing on your kitchen counter where you prepare your food, or even on your dinner plate, most likely have landed in some sort of filth, fecal matter or garbage just moments before. Flies defecate constantly and even regurgitate their stomach contents to help break down and ingest food. These habits can spread diseases like salmonella, tuberculosis and more to you and your family. When it comes to house flies, your best bet is to prevent them entering your home. Consider these House fly control tips:
  • Keep a clean home. Clean up quickly after eating and do not leave food scraps out or crumbs on the floor. Wipe down kitchen counters and food preparation areas immediately after eating or preparing food.
  • When eating outdoors always use fly-proof containers to protect food, utensils and plates. Prevent flies from landing on your food and related items to reduce the chance of contracting a disease from flies.
  • Eliminate entryways into your home. Seal cracks and crevices, fix or replace broken screens or doors and ensure that doors are closed tightly when people enter and exit the home.
  • Keep trash areas neat and tidy: tie garbage tightly when disposing of them and ensure lids fit securely to garbage cans. If possible, schedule a twice per week garbage pick-up. Regularly clean out the residue at the bottom of trash cans to eliminate fly breeding.
  • Clean up after your pet promptly both inside and out. Feces will attract flies to the area.
Once inside the home, house flies can reproduce rapidly and you will want to take measures to control them. Even if you are quick with the fly swatter, it certainly is not the most hygienic method of fly control, particularly in the kitchen and food prep areas where flies are most likely to congregate. There are a number of green and effective house fly control products to assist you in catching flies in and around your home. With careful consideration for the products you choose and strategic placement you could easily eliminate the bothersome flies that get into your home. After you control current indoor house fly populations put to use the tips above to prevent future infestations. If you find yourself struggling with high populations of house flies inside of the home you may want to consider working with a pest management professional to determine the cause.
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