Intelligent Pest Management

AP&G Co. Inc = Intelligent Pest Management (IPM) The pillars of our approach are grounded in a multi-step process to dealing with pests. We believe in:
  1. Inspection - spend as much time as it takes to do an excellent inspection to get a thorough understanding of the unique situations and problem areas that are present in your account.
  2. Plan - habitat manipulation to remove conducive conditions is critical - making sanitation and exclusion the cornerstones of any IPM plan. Special consideration needs to be paid to sanitation and structural issues that are creating conducive conditions, attracting pests to your account and allowing them to thrive. Your IPM Plan must take exact species identification and problem areas identified in your initial inspection consideration to identify the most prudent and effective means of removing the existing infestation.
  3. Execute - mitigate all conducive conditions, incorporate any sanitary or exclusion requirements where necessary and remove remaining pests from your account based on your comprehensive IPM plan.
  4. Monitor - install monitors or schedule repeat visits to evaluate the results of your plan and to identify new or recurring problems.
Working together, each of the steps in Intelligent Pest Management provide a holistic system for protecting your client’s "turf".
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