Beyond Clean: Revealing the Secret to a Pest-Free Home

Your home is cleaned regularly, either by you or a professional cleaning service. And yet, in between the regular vacuuming you notice in those out of the way corners of your home the cobwebs, the occasional spider and some other evidence that you have pests in your home. It’s frustrating and disconcerting since you are just not sure where they are coming from, why they are there and, most importantly, how do you stop them. Pest professionals will tell you that the occasional pest is difficult to banish from your home. You can, however, reduce pest numbers significantly by following these simple tips from the pros to reduce common household invaders:
  1. Vacuum regularly including underneath furniture and in those hard to reach areas of your home. Concentrate on eliminating the cobwebs but also pest droppings and any possible eggs left behind.
  2. Eliminate clutter around the home including storage boxes, particularly those that do not seal tightly. These areas make a perfect home for insects and spiders, especially if they go undisturbed for long periods of time.
  3. Seal openings into your home from the outside. Thoroughly inspect openings around doors and windows as well as those in the basement. Cracks in your foundation and lowers levels can also be letting in pests.
  4. Clean the outside perimeter of your home. Clutter outdoors makes for a perfect breeding ground for insects and spiders and it increases the likelihood that they will move inside next.
But the real secret to a pest-free home is this… After your next home cleaning session strategically place glueboard monitors around your home. Glueboards can take your home from clean to healthy and pest-free. When properly positioned, they will not only catch that occasional invader but also tip you off to a pest infestation before it turns into a very big problem. So, go ahead, treat your home like the pros do. Check out our glueboard monitors, now available in an array of fun designs. Strategically place them in areas around your home prone to insects and spiders. You may be surprised at what you catch. It will help you take your home beyond clean to healthy and pest-free.
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