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Guard Your Grill - GloStick & Fly Bag Summer Bundle

Guard Your Grill - GloStick & Fly Bag Summer Bundle


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Our Guard Your Grill bundle is your comprehensive solution for protecting your grilling areas from flies and other pesky bugs, ensuring uninterrupted, bug-free enjoyment from day to night. With 2 Glostiks and 2 Fly Bags, this bundle helps you seamlessly transition from daytime BBQs to evening gatherings without the annoyance of insects disrupting your outdoor fun.

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Guard Your Grill This 4th of July

Introducing the Guard Your Grill Bundle, your ultimate solution for a pest-free outdoor experience. This bundle includes 2 Glostik Flying Insect Traps and a 2 Pack of Pro Series Bulk Disposable Fly Bag Traps. Designed to protect your grilling areas from flies and other pesky bugs, this bundle ensures uninterrupted enjoyment from day to night. Priced at just $40.47, it’s the perfect addition to your outdoor gatherings.

Daytime Defense with Fly Bag Traps

Fly Bag Traps are your first line of defense against flies & Gnats during the day. These traps are highly effective both, making them perfect for use around grilling areas. Simply hang the bags 30 feet away from common gathering spots and let them do the work. The non-toxic, chemical-free solution ensures the safety of your family and pets while providing robust pest control.

Evening Protection with Glostik Traps

As the day transitions to night, switch to the Glostik Flying Insect Traps for continued protection. These traps use light to attract and trap flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and moths. Place Glostiks in low-light areas outdoors or indoors to create a bug-free zone around your evening activities. Enjoy your nighttime gatherings without the nuisance of insects.

Easy Setup and Low Maintenance

Setting up the Guard Your Grill Bundle is a breeze. No additional bait is needed—just set up the traps and let them work their magic. Both the Glostik and Fly Bag traps are designed for minimal maintenance. Check and replace the traps as needed to keep your space consistently protected. This hassle-free solution allows you to focus on enjoying your time outdoors.

Safe and Effective Pest Control

Safety is a priority with the Guard Your Grill Bundle. The traps are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring they are safe for pets and people. Whether you're dealing with flies, gnats, mosquitoes, or moths, this bundle provides effective pest control that you can trust. Protect your grill and outdoor space with a solution that's both powerful and safe.