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Nos remplacements d'appâts à mouches et de panneaux de colle permettront à vos pièges à abeilles, à mouches et à lumière de fonctionner à long terme. Achetez maintenant.

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If you've experienced the quality and efficiency of our products, you already know the value of maintaining your pest defense system. Our collection of fly bait and glue board refills is designed to ensure that your Catchmaster solutions, whether purchased from us directly or from other retailers, continue to protect your space with the same reliability and effectiveness.

Continue the Catchmaster Experience with Our Refills

Fly Bait Refills: Specifically crafted for compatibility with Catchmaster fly bait stations, our refills use advanced formulations to attract and neutralize pests, maintaining the high level of control you've come to expect.

Glue Board Replacements: Tailored for use with our various glue board products, these replacements feature Catchmaster's signature adhesive technology, ensuring that pests are securely captured and retained.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Our refills are designed for easy integration with your existing Catchmaster products, ensuring a continuous defense against pests without any lapse in protection. Whether your original purchase was made in a local store or through an online platform, our refills fit perfectly, guaranteeing the uninterrupted efficiency of your pest control measures.

Quality You Can Rely On

Catchmaster's commitment to excellence is evident in every refill pack. With our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, we reassure you of our confidence in our products' performance. Should you find any aspect of our refills less than satisfactory, we are here to offer a refund or replacement.

Shop with Confidence

Your previous experience with Catchmaster sets the stage for continued success in pest management. With over 65 years of expertise fueling our innovation, our fly bait and glue board refills are not just purchases—they're investments in a pest-free environment. Trust in Catchmaster to deliver the same quality and effectiveness you've come to rely on, and ensure your pest control solutions remain second to none.


What makes fly trap bait refills effective?

Catchmaster fly trap bait refills are designed for maximum attractant power, ensuring effective management of fly populations by luring them into traps where they stick and can't escape.

Are these bait refills environmentally safe?

Yes, Catchmaster prioritizes environmental safety in its products. The bait refills are non-toxic and made with ingredients that target specific pests without harming the surrounding ecosystem.

Can refills be used in both residential and commercial settings?

Absolutely, Catchmaster's versatile bait refills are ideal for use in various settings, including residential homes, commercial establishments, and agricultural areas, providing flexible and effective pest control solutions.

What types of traps can use Catchmaster fly trap bait refills?

These refills are compatible with various Catchmaster fly traps, including both light-based and glue-based units, making them a convenient choice for maintaining your pest control efforts.