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Discover Catchmaster's dedicated solutions for scorpion control, featuring our specialized Scorpion Glue Board Traps and Trays. Designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by these formidable pests, our products provide a reliable and safe method to capture and manage scorpion populations in and around your home.

Scorpion Glue Board Traps: Precision Capture

Our Scorpion Glue Board Traps are engineered with a high-strength adhesive, ensuring that scorpions are securely captured upon contact. These traps are ideal for placing in areas where scorpions are known to hide or traverse, such as garages, basements, and near entry points, offering peace of mind and effective scorpion management without the use of chemicals.

Scorpion Glue Board Trays: Extended Coverage

For broader protection, Catchmaster's Scorpion Glue Board Trays provide an expanded surface area, maximizing the capture rate of scorpions and other crawling pests. These trays are particularly effective in larger spaces or in areas with high scorpion activity, ensuring comprehensive coverage and control.

Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility, our scorpion control products are designed to be safe for use in homes, garages, and outdoor areas. The non-toxic adhesive used in our traps and trays provides a chemical-free solution to scorpion management, making it safe for families and pets when used as directed.

Durable and Easy to Deploy

Catchmaster's scorpion solutions are crafted for durability and ease of use. The robust construction of our traps and trays withstands various environmental conditions, ensuring they remain effective over time. Simple to set up and requiring minimal maintenance, these products offer a hassle-free approach to scorpion control.

Trust in Catchmaster for Scorpion Control

With over 65 years of expertise in pest management, Catchmaster is your trusted partner in the battle against scorpions. Our glue board traps and trays are backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing you with the tools needed for effective scorpion management.


What makes scorpion traps effective?

Catchmaster scorpion traps use a specialized glue formula that ensures scorpions are captured securely upon contact. These traps are designed to be used in areas where scorpions are commonly found, such as garages, basements, and near entry points.

How should I set up scorpion traps for best results?

Position the traps along walls, in corners, and near entry points where scorpions may enter. Placing them in dark, less disturbed areas where scorpions hide increases the chance of capture.

Are scorpion traps safe for indoor use?

Yes, these traps are safe for use indoors as they contain no chemicals or poisons, making them an ideal choice for households with children and pets.

How often should I check and replace the scorpion traps?

It is recommended to check the traps regularly and replace them once they are full or every two to three months to ensure they remain effective.