Welcome to Catchmaster, an AP&G Brand

AP&G's Catchmaster, offers intelligent pest management solutions (IPM) for localized problems. Our products are non-chemical and perfect for multi-unit buildings.

We Bring a Rich History of Quality Products Made in the USA

The Catchmaster brand is owned and manufactured by AP&G. Our company was founded in 1952 as a specialty adhesives manufacturer with pest control applications beginning in the late 1970's.

The business has been kept in the family since, with the current president and CEO, Steve Frisch, joining in 1972 followed by his son's Jonathan Frisch and Jeffrey Frisch in 1996 and 2006, respectively.

AP&G's non-chemical pest control alternative business has seen accelerated growth recently with the expansion of the "Pro-sumer" category. Our products are a great fit for them because their customers tend to be conscious of the health impacts of chemical use in their local environments.