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DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait

DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait


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Stop Ants Today Using Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait!

Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait marks the end of the road for your ant invaders. Eliminate troublesome ants effortlessly with DEFIANT™, the ultimate solution in liquid ant control tools for homes, offices, and various environments. Our advanced design features robust, enclosed plastic trays and a unique formula based on Catchmaster's signature glue formula, providing an effective and convenient method for ant eradication.

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Your Ant Invasion Ends Here.

Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Ant Bait redefines the traditional approach to ant control, offering a sturdy, waterproof, non-toxic, and disposable solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, each trap has 6 openings for maximum ant-stopping power.

Why Choose DEFIANT™ Ant Bait?

DEFIANT™ Ant Bait is based on Catchmaster's signature glue formula and is irresistible to ants. It will start drawing workers from any nearby colonies immediately. If using Catchmaster's patented bait stations, which is strongly recommended, the six openings will increase the speed that worker ants will take the ant poison back to the colony. Each trip strengthens the pheromone trail for other workers to follow, further speeding up the extermination process. If you’re looking to stop ants, DEFIANT™ Ant Bait is the solution for you. 

Pair With Catchmaster's Refill Bait Stations

Our DEFIANT™ Ant Bait was designed to be used with our Refill Bait Stations. They are made from sturdy plastic, are re-usable, and will snap together to create a protective case that prevents contamination. They also feature six openings for maxium ant-capture power.

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So It's Normal to See More Ants First?

Yes, completely normal. An ant's habitat is unique and usually impervious to other methods of extermination. The best method to destroy a colony is to draw out as many of the workers as quickly as possibly using Catchmaster's liquid ant bait. This increases the speed that the ant poison reaches the queen. Once she has consumed DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait, it's game over for the entire colony.

Kill the Queen.

Use Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait in tendem with our liquid ant bait stations. The bait stations themselves feature six openings and are made of sturdy plastic for stable, reliable, and consistent ant control. The liquid ant posion attracts the ants and the bait stations ensures access to it, while keeping the bait within uncontaminated for maximum effectiveness.

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Turn the Tide.

DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait is your ally in the war to reclaim your home and lawn.

Safe & Discreet Indoor Ant Control

Crush the ant invaders with DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait. It's non-toxic and completely safe for use around pets and children. Place near windows and doors, on countertops, near trashcans, and under cabinets & appliances.

Powerful Outdoor Ant Extermination

Get outdoor superiority over your ant problem. Safely and quickly defeat the ant invaders with DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait by placing on patios, in garages, and/or near trashcans, foundations, and gardens.