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Reemplazos de placas adhesivas para trampas de luz UV Vector 15 y 30

Reemplazos de placas adhesivas para trampas de luz UV Vector 15 y 30


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Reemplazos de la placa de pegamento para trampas de luz UV Vector 15 y 30 de Catchmaster ¿Ya tienes un Vector 15 o 13? Genial, utiliza estos recambios de tableros adhesivos para prolongar su vida útil.

Más eficaz contra: moscas y mosquitos.

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Vector Glue Trap Refill: Keep Your Space Fly-Free with Ease

Continue to protect your environment with the Vector Glue Trap Refill, designed specifically for the Vector 15 & 30 UV Light Traps. These refills are perfect for maintaining continuous fly control in areas where hygiene and efficiency are crucial, such as restaurants, hospitals, and homes.

Designed for Maximum Effectiveness

Our glue traps are crafted to capture a wide array of flying insects with a specially formulated adhesive that ensures pests cannot escape once they land. The refills are easy to install, making the maintenance of your fly trap system hassle-free.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The Vector Glue Trap Refills offer a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pest control methods. Free from harmful chemicals, these traps are ideal for use in any setting, ensuring the safety of both people and pets.

Why Choose Vector Glue Trap Refills?

Invest in reliability and convenience with our glue trap refills. They not only provide effective pest control but also uphold your space’s cleanliness and safety standards. Keep your premises fly-free with minimal effort and maximum assurance.