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Catchmaster's Japanese Beetle Traps offer a specialized solution for controlling and managing populations of this invasive pest. Designed with precision, these traps utilize attractants that specifically target Japanese beetles, providing an effective method for reducing their impact on gardens, lawns, and crops.

Attract and Capture with Proven Results

Our Japanese Beetle Traps are equipped with dual lure systems that mimic the natural pheromones and floral attractants of Japanese beetles, drawing them into the trap with high efficiency. Once attracted, the beetles are securely captured, preventing further damage to your green spaces.

Eco-Friendly and Safe for Use

Prioritizing environmental responsibility, Catchmaster's beetle traps offer a non-toxic approach to pest control. Free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, these traps provide a safe alternative for managing Japanese beetle populations, protecting your plants without adverse effects on the surrounding ecosystem.

User-Friendly and Low Maintenance

Designed for convenience, our Japanese Beetle Traps are easy to assemble and can be placed strategically around areas most affected by beetles. With minimal maintenance required, these traps offer a hassle-free solution to beetle control, allowing you to focus on enjoying your garden and outdoor spaces.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Constructed to withstand outdoor conditions, Catchmaster's traps are made with durable materials, ensuring they remain effective throughout the beetle season. The weather-resistant design allows for continuous use, providing reliable protection against Japanese beetles year after year.

Trusted Expertise in Pest Control

With over 65 years of experience in the pest management industry, Catchmaster is a trusted name in providing effective and safe solutions for pest control. Our Japanese Beetle Traps are backed by research and testing, ensuring they meet our high standards for efficacy and customer satisfaction.

Protect Your Greenery with Catchmaster

Rely on Catchmaster for your Japanese beetle control needs and benefit from our expertly designed traps. By targeting and capturing these invasive pests, our traps help maintain the health and beauty of your gardens and landscapes, ensuring your outdoor areas remain enjoyable and beetle-free.


How do Catchmaster Japanese beetle traps work?

Catchmaster Japanese beetle traps are engineered with specific pheromones that attract only Japanese beetles, minimizing unintended catches. This selective attraction helps to effectively reduce beetle populations without disrupting other beneficial insect species.

What is the best time of year to use these traps?

These traps are most effective when set up early in the season before Japanese beetles begin to feed on foliage. This typically means deploying them by early to mid-summer, depending on your local beetle emergence patterns.

Where in my garden should I install the traps for maximum effectiveness?

Install these traps at least 10 feet away from the plants you wish to protect. This strategy helps draw the beetles away from your garden and towards the traps, preventing further damage to your plants.

How do I maintain the effectiveness of the traps throughout the beetle season?

For optimal effectiveness, regularly check and empty the traps as they fill with beetles. This not only maintains the trap's efficiency but also prevents any overflow, which could deter beetles from entering.

Can I reuse Japanese beetle traps the next season?

If maintained properly, the structural components of the traps can be reused. However, the pheromone and floral lures should be replaced each season to ensure they remain potent and effective.