Holiday Pest Prevention Tips for People with Pets

Holiday pest prevention may not be top of mind this time of year. With family visiting, gifts to wrap and meals to cook it is easy to forget protecting your turf from pests. But pests are persistent, and they would love nothing more than to get in on your holiday feast.

The Importance of Holiday Pest Prevention for your Pets

Not only can pests ruin your meal, they present a health danger to your pets. Mice alone can bring dangers like salmonella and hantavirus into your home. Without a doubt, pests can impact you during the holidays and year-round. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your home pest-free this holiday season.

5 Helpful Tips for Holiday Pest Prevention for people with pets

  1. Deck, and inspect, the halls (and other areas) – pests seek the same things we seek at the holidays – food, warmth and shelter. Did you know an adult mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? Inspect your home for any openings like cracks in the foundation or gaps in doorways. Importantly, if openings are found seal them up.
  2. Say no to the table scraps – not only will the feeding your pest possibly be bad for them, the food waste that is left can attract all sorts of pests
  3. Check the box(es) – when getting out the decorations, be sure to see if there is any damage to the boxes. If you see any gnaw marks it may be an indication of rodents. Use glue traps to monitor your attic or other storage space year-round and be sure to check for activity.
  4. Inspect your decorations – if signs of rodents have been detected make sure to double-check all of your electrical decorations – frayed wires could present a danger to pets
  5. Maintain your outdoor areas – seasonal debris like twigs and leaves can provide harborage to rodents and help draw them close to your home. In addition, pests can find homes in piles of unkempt firewood.

Trust the Experts

If you discover a pest problem in your home or on your pet work closely with your veterinarian and pest management professional for a safe solution. Learn more about Catchmaster® rodent products here: Learn more about your pest management professional options from the National Pest Management Association here:
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