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Catchmaster's range of rodent control solutions, including Rat Snap Traps, Mice Traps, and general Rodents Traps, are designed to tackle infestations effectively. Our products combine robust construction with sensitive triggers to ensure successful capture, providing peace of mind in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings.

Rat Snap Traps: Strength and Precision

Our Rat Snap Traps are engineered for power and precision, featuring a robust design that can handle the larger size and strength of rats. These traps are equipped with a sensitive trigger mechanism to ensure a quick resolution to rat infestations, making them a reliable choice for maintaining a rat-free environment.

Mice Traps: Discreet and Efficient

Catchmaster's Mice Traps are tailored for the smaller size and agility of mice, offering a discreet and effective solution to mouse control. These traps are designed for easy placement in tight spaces and high-traffic rodent areas, providing efficient capture without the use of poisons or chemicals.

General Rodent Traps: Versatile Pest Management

Our versatile Rodents Traps are suitable for capturing a variety of rodent species, providing a flexible solution to pest control. These traps are ideal for use in diverse environments, from homes and businesses to outdoor and agricultural areas, ensuring comprehensive protection against rodent invasions.

Safe and Effective

Committed to safe pest management, Catchmaster's rodent traps are designed to provide an effective resolution to rodent problems. Our traps eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, offering a safer alternative for environments shared with children and pets.

Durable and Reusable

Constructed with high-quality materials, our rodent traps are built to last, offering a durable and reusable solution to rodent control. These traps are easy to set, clean, and reuse, providing long-term value and effectiveness in managing rodent populations.

Your Partner in Rodent Control

With over 65 years of expertise in pest management, Catchmaster is the trusted name in effective rodent control solutions. Our Rat Snap Traps, Mice Traps, and general Rodents Traps reflect our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, ensuring you have the right tools to maintain a rodent-free space.