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DEFIANT™ Ant Traps: Precision Formulated for Maximum Effectiveness

Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Ant Traps combine sturdy, plastic design with a highly effective formula, ensuring rapid attraction and elimination of ants. DEFIANT™ is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, providing homeowners with a powerful tool to combat ant invasions. Our liquid ant poison is designed to target the ants at their source, offering a long-term solution to ant problems.

Innovative Design for Optimal Results

Our liquid ant traps are a testament to Catchmaster's commitment to innovative pest control. These traps are easy to use and highly effective, combining the strength of time-tested liquid ant bait techniques with a discreet, sturdy, and practical design. Ideal for use in various settings, these traps offer a convenient and mess-free solution to indoor ant infestations.

DEFIANT™, a Comprehensive Ant Management System

DEFIANT™ Ant Traps consist of heavy-duty plastic ant bait stations that can be paired with any liquid ant bait. Coming soon is Catchmaster’s own DEFIANT™ Liquid Ant Bait along with instructions and in-home support for a complete approach to ant control. Designed for homeowners who want a thorough and effective way to deal with ant problems, this kit ensures versatile and
comprehensive protection and control.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Catchmaster, we prioritize your safety and the environment. Our bait stations and traps are formulated to be safe around your family and pets while being environmentally responsible. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable.

Our Quality Assurance Promise

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our ant traps products. With Catchmaster's assurance, you can trust in our liquid ant bait stations and traps to deliver superior results. If you're not completely satisfied, we are committed to resolving the issue with a refund or replacement, ensuring your peace of mind.

Choose Catchmaster for Ant Trapping Expertise

Leveraging over 65 years of pest management expertise, Catchmaster is your reliable partner in ant control. Our liquid ant traps, liquid ant poison, and comprehensive ant control kits are crafted to provide effective, humane, and reliable solutions for any ant challenge. Trust in Catchmaster for your ant control needs and experience the confidence that comes with expert solutions.


What are the most effective ant solutions available?

At Catchmaster, we offer a comprehensive range of ant control solutions designed to tackle various ant infestations effectively. Our products include bait stations, liquid ant killers, and perimeter treatments, each crafted to ensure both immediate and long-term relief from ant problems.

How do I choose the right ant control product for my home?

The key to choosing the right ant solution lies in identifying the ant species and understanding the scope of the infestation. For localized problems, bait stations or liquid ant killers might be sufficient. For larger, more pervasive infestations, a combination of products, including perimeter treatments, may be necessary.

Are ant solutions safe for pets and children?

Our ant control products are designed with the safety of your family and pets in mind, employing non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients whenever possible. However, we always recommend following the product instructions carefully and keeping treatments out of reach of children and pets.

How long does it take to see results after using ant control products?

The time frame for seeing results can vary depending on the product used and the extent of the infestation. It's typical to see ant activity increase before it decreases because ants share the location of food with other ants in the colony. This is a good thing because it increases the pace that the any poison reaches the queen and kills the colony for good. Some ant control products say two weeks to eradicate, but for the best outcomes, it's crucial to follow the application instructions and maintain a consistent treatment plan as all are different.

Can I prevent ants from coming back after treatment?

Yes, prevention is a critical component of effective ant control. Along with using Catchmaster ant solutions, we recommend sealing entry points, keeping areas clean of food debris, and reducing moisture sources around your property. Our products also include options for creating a protective barrier around your home to deter new ant colonies from forming.