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DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Station Refills

DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Station Refills


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Your Ant Invasion Ends Here - Introducing DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations!

Say goodbye to pesky ants with DEFIANT™ - the pinnacle of comprehensive ant bait stations for your home, workplace, or any space in between. Our innovative design ensures efficient ant elimination using sturdy, walled, plastic trays to deliver a hassle-free experience. Liquid ant bait sold separately.

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Versatility Meets Reliability

Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Station Refills are the most versatile and sturdy liquid bait stations on the market. Their unique construction from heavy duty plastic forms a protective casing around the liquid ant bait that makes the suitable for indoor & outdoor use. They are compatible with any variety of liquid ant bait you can find at your local hardware store and easy to dispose of once your ant problem is resolved.

Why Choose DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations?

When you notice the first signs of ants, it's crucial to act quickly to avert a major infestation. Catchmaster's DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations are your first line of defense, offering versatile and effective ant bait station solutions for various environments. These stations are uniquely designed to accommodate a range of liquid ant bait options, making them compatible with any liquid ant poison, including popular borax-based baits. These baits are effective in attracting forager ants, which carry the indoor ant bait back to their colony, ensuring the entire colony, including the queen, consumes the lethal dose. Most liquid ant baits that are compatible with DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations can resolve ant problems within two weeks, making your space ant-free fast.

Discover the Best in Liquid Ant Bait Control

COMING SOON! Catchmaster's entry into the ant-control market. Made with Catchmaster's storied, time-test glue and the best in liquid pheromone technology in the world, DEFIANT™ ant Bait is the ultimate in Ant killer solutions.

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The Trap is Attracting More Ants! Am I Doing Something Wrong?

No, this is a normal occurrence when using liquid ant bait in your DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations. Ants communicate through pheromones and have marked a trail to your ant bait station, signaling that they've found the bait irresistible. This action is a strategic move to outcompete rival colonies by mobilizing more workers to gather more bait. These pheromone trails guide ants directly to the ant bait trap, and, unlike typical station-type traps with a single entry point, DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations feature six entry points, enhancing their effectiveness in controlling ant activity.

Be Patient. It Takes Time.

However, the six entrances to the ant bait stations accelerate the end of your ant invasion faster than any alternative while being compatible with any type of liquid ant bait. Their unique construction provides several advantages over single-entry models:

  1. Increased access points mean more worker ants can quickly reach the liquid ant bait, speeding up the process of distributing the ant poison throughout the colony.
  2. This design works better in multi-colony scenarios - more entrances means less competition between colonies for access to the ant poison.
  3. Sturdy plastic casings make this a far tougher, more reliable option than it's paper & cardboard alternatives.

It's important to note that even the best liquid ant baits still require time to be fully effective. The worker ants need to transport enough ant killer back to their colony to ensure thorough extermination of all members.

Stop Your Ant Invaders.

DEFIANT™ Ant Bait Stations are sturdy, versatile, and totally reuseable. They are the first and only line of defense you need in the war for your home and lawn.

Protect Your Home.

Eradicate ants with precision by deploying ant bait stations in strategic indoor locations. Unleash the power of indoor ant bait in high-traffic zones like kitchens and dining areas, and fortify entry points such as windows and doors. Zero in on moisture havens like sinks and bathrooms, and safeguard your pantries with indoor ant traps, creating an impenetrable barrier against these pesky invaders.

Reclaim Your Lawn.

Step outside and dominate your outdoor space with ant bait stations placed in critical areas like patios and decks. Empower your perimeter with outdoor ant bait near trash bins and along your home's foundation, creating a fortress against ant incursions. In your garden, deploy outdoor ant bait to protect your green oasis from aphid-loving ant armies. This tactical assault with outdoor ant bait ensures your home becomes an ant-free stronghold, safeguarded from every angle.