Introducing Big Ed & His Trapping Tips!

Ed Dolshun is the Catchmaster® brand’s Vice President of Business Development and Technical Director and an expert in trapping tips. In his role, Ed is responsible for both the development of new products as well as validation for existing products. However, Ed’s most important unofficial title is "CTO", or Chief Trapping Officer. Ed has over 12 years experience in the pest management industry. While at AP&G Co., Inc. he has worked several different sales and research & development positions. Prior to joining AP&G he served many years as Environmental and Regulatory Specialist at Bergen County Community Development and also taught an Environmental Issues course at Fairleigh Dickinson University as part of their Masters of Administrative Science Program. Above all, Ed is our “Champion of the Catch”. Ed’s trapping passions don’t just lie in pest management – he is an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman. “The same qualities that make you a great hunter or fisherman make you a great pest management professional,” Ed is proud of pointing out at many industry seminars. Ed’s favorite part of his position with the Catchmaster® brand is spending time in the field learning from the pests and the latest innovations in Intelligent Pest Management. Ed is excited to share his #TrappingTips with the world – follow the Catchmaster® blog and social media platforms for more great content from Big Ed.
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