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Glue traps are an important tool in the pest management professional’s toolbox. They’ll place them in your home near entry point points or where they see signs of mice as part of their Integrated Pest Management practice. They’re great for stopping mouse problems and passively monitoring mouse activity between service appointments. They are the safest option for your family and pets too.

Catchmaster is one of the few manufacturers in the pest control industry that offers the same products the pros use to you, but without the cost of a pro. The most common question we get from customers trying to figure out how to use our products to stop mice is: “What is the difference a glue tray and glue board?”

Picture of catchmaster's patterned baited glue board next to one of our standard sized glue trays with logo over top

Determining which mouse trap is best for you depends on the environment they'll be placed in. Follow the chart below when deciding if a glue board or glue tray is the right glue trap for you::

You should use glue boards in dusty or dry conditions and glue trays in cold or humid conditions.

Note that not all glue trays will work in cold environments and Catchmaster does make special cold weather glue trays for those needs specifically.

Hero image of our cold weather glue tray standing up next to box they come in

Catchmaster's Cold Weather Glue Trays  are the only cold weather glue tray that actually works down to 0F/32C.

The main reason glue boards are ideal for dry and dusty environments is because they can be folded into tunnels, protecting the glue film, but the board that the glue is on is likely to deteriorate in damp conditions. Glue trays don’t fold but the sturdy plastic glue container won’t deteriorate in moist conditions, making them ideal for high-moisture content areas. Dust and dirt will decrease their effectiveness, however.

 Max Catch here image with 36 boards Standard sized glue tray standing up next to the box it comes in
Catchmaster's Best Selling Glue Board: Max Catch 36 Count Glue Boards
Catchmaster's Best Selling Glue Tray: Rat, Mouse & Insect Glue Trays

Sticky traps for mice do work - it’s the reason pest control professionals trust our glue boards and glue trays. If doing the job yourself, it’s critical you choose the right tool for the job and deploy them correctly. We’ll cover usage in another blog post coming soon.

You can view all of our glue board and glue tray options here.

No matter your glue product needs, Catchmaster has you covered! Our glue products are made with the best adhesive formula available. Learn more at https://www.catchmaster.com/pages/ultimate-guide-to-glue-traps.

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