Eliminating Bed Bugs

Chemical treatments often are the most popular, but to catch every bed bug, the house needs to be professionally treated, and some bed bugs are resistant to the most popular treatments. In addition, not everybody wants chemicals sprayed around their home.

Bed bugs, however, can’t handle temperatures above and below certain limits. This makes heat treatment and cryonics treatment viable options. Heat treatments raise your home’s temperature to above 120 degrees F, while cryonics treatments drop it below the point at which bedbugs can survive. Heat treatments may be a little more effective than cold treatments as eggs are more vulnerable to heat.

Other treatments include vacuuming every nook and cranny to physically remove the insects. This can be effective if the infestation is mild, but if it’s spread to multiple rooms, you need something that can be applied to the whole house.

Ultimately, the first step to treating a bedbug infestation is to establish whether you have bedbugs. Catchmaster has a range of products that will help you stop an infestation before it starts.