5 Pest Tips for Travelers of All Types

5 Pest Tips for Travelers of All Types With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner, travelling season is upon us. No matter the type of traveler you are, here are 5 essential tips for keeping your trip pest-free.
  1. Campers – always remember to keep any food stored in airtight containers off the ground.
  2. Air Travelers – be sure to inspect your luggage when you get home to make sure you didn’t bring back any stowaways. Also, be sure to give your clothes a thorough cleaning.
  3. Cabin Keepers – keep your garbage away from your cabin and stored in a manner that wildlife can't access.
  4. RVs – before you hit the road be sure to check your RV for any cracks that may have developed over the winter. Sealing them up will keep you pest-free on the road.
  5. “Stay-cationers” – not going anywhere but home this year? No worries as there is still plenty you can do for pest control, starting with your gutters. Clogged gutters are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests. Have your gutters treated and remove any other standing water on your property.
No matter the type of traveler you plan to be this year (maybe all five!) but sure to remain vigilant and make it a pest-free summer.
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