Glue Traps: The Top Choice for Family and Pet Friendly Pest Control

When it comes to pest control for homeowners, safety is paramount, especially in households with children and pets. Among the wide variety of pest control options available, glue products stand out as the most family and pet-friendly alternative. Our scented glue traps and monitors contain synthetic scents that do not trigger allergies, a great example is our peanut butter scent, which does not contain real peanut oil or protein and will not cause allergic reactions.

For support on how to remove a glue board from a child or pet please follow our guide. (Link to Guide)

Here's why:

  1. No Harmful Chemicals: Unlike rodenticides and pesticides glue traps are chemical-free. This means no risk of children or pets accidentally ingesting poisonous substances.
  2. Non-Injurious: Alternative options like snap traps, which operate using a strong spring mechanism, can accidentally injure non-target animals or even curious fingers.  Glue
    traps are passive. Glue traps safely ensnare pests without the risk of unintended harm and are safer for homes with little ones.
  3. Simple and Clean: Glue traps offer a straightforward solution without a big mess. Other methods might require handling chemicals, pest droppings, and pests directly, while glue traps can be easily disposed of. It is always recommended to wear rubber gloves when handling your catch,
    especially rodents. 
  4. Cost-Effective: For homeowners on a budget, glue traps are readily available and affordable. Especially when considering that to effectively combat a pest problem, multiple traps often need to be set up.

Each pest control method has its merits, and no two situations are alike.  For homeowners who wish to prioritize the safety of their families and pets, glue traps provide an efficient, cost-effective, and family-friendly solution.