Big Ed's Trapping Tips - 5 Tips for Catching Crickets

Few pests can be as annoying as crickets. If you have ever had a particularly noisy cricket, or even worse, several crickets, you no doubt know the racket they can cause. Does your house sound like a cricket party? Read on for 5 tips for catching crickets.

5 Tips for Catching Crickets

  1. Observe - where are the crickets seen, where are they heard? Are they in a basement, garage or elsewhere? Understanding where the crickets are will help you develop your plan.
  2. Monitor conducive areas - crickets prefer cool, damp areas in a home. As a result, it will be helpful to pay particular attention to these areas as you monitor for the pests.
  3. Use Catchmaster® Cricket XL giant cricket traps to monitor areas where crickets have been observed. With 55 square inches of catching power it is the largest cricket trap available.
  4. Raise the dead - as strange as it sounds, one way to increase your cricket catch is to include 1 or 2 dead crickets on your glue board.
  5. Once you have addressed the crickets in your home you need to prevent them from returning. Fully inspect the exterior of your home and seal up any openings like cracks in foundations or door seals.

Additional Help

If the above tips don't help with your cricket party consider moving your traps to other locations. When in doubt, always contact your pest management professional. Learn more about house crickets from the National Pest Management Association here: Learn more about Big Ed, our Chief Trapping Officer here:
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