Big Ed's Trapping Tips - More Traps & Less Bait!

I often see pest control operators and consumers overload snap traps with way more bait than is necessary and it can often impede the functionality of the trap. Regardless of the type of bait that you choose, a small amount goes a long way. You should use just enough to fill the bait containers incorporated into the triggers on wooden and plastic snap traps. This usually amounts to about 1/2 a gram or the size of a single kidney bean. Any bait that you use should be fixed to the trigger whenever possible for optimal results. Consider placing traps in sets of 2 or 3 as opposed to single sets. This will maximize your results as rodents initially try to evade newly placed traps only to be captured in others placed nearby. You can also allow rodents to become accustomed to feeding on your traps by placing a baited set trap between two baited, unset traps. Learn more about our Easy Set Snap Traps here:
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