The Secret to Getting Rid of Stink Bugs Inside of Your Home

Stink bugs are an invasive pest species that were first discovered in the United States around 1996 in Allentown, PA. They are believed to have come from a shipment from Asia and have now spread throughout all 50 U.S. states. They get their name because they do actually stink if they are crushed and it really does just “stink” to have them around in your house, and we don’t mean in a smelly kind of a way, they are just the pits to have around. The good news is that stink bugs are nothing more than a nuisance pest, there is no evidence that they harm us in any way. However, for some homeowners, they can become a rather large nuisance if large populations of the pest accumulate inside of the house and are dropping from the ceiling or buzzing around light fixtures. The biggest problem homeowners face when it comes to stink bugs is that once they are inside they can be difficult to control. If you hire a pest professional to service your house for stink bugs you may be told that you must get on an annual program that treats the perimeter of your home killing stink bugs as they exit your home in the spring and then again as they attempt to re-enter in the fall. This annual program that usually consists of three or four outdoor treatments will help to reduce populations of stink bugs indoors the following spring. The treatment schedule is certainly effective, however, not every homeowner has great patience when stink bugs seem to be popping up out of thin air and falling into their cereal bowl. In the meanwhile a vacuum cleaner and tissues to grab the stray ones will be your best friends. If you are dealing with a good amount of stink bugs in your home and prefer to not have to constantly vacuum them up or grab with a tissue and flush then your best bet is a light trap to capture them. When selecting a light trap for indoor use ensure it does not make that familiar zapping noise every time a pest is caught, is decorative enough to use inside of your home and includes a light that will attract stink bugs and other indoor flying pests. The SilenTrap™ by Catchmaster® is an extremely useful tool that can easily be placed on a tabletop or even hung. It will attract and capture stink bugs and can easily be moved from one room to another or put away when you stop seeing the insects. To learn more about the SilenTrap™ by Catchmaster® and its many versatile uses, visit us online.
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