Introducing Cota & #CotasCorner

Cota James is the Catchmaster® brand’s pet liaison, unofficial office mascot and master of pest management pet tips. In #cotascorner we will share content about pest management from the perspective of household pets everywhere.

Cota is a 5-year old English Bulldog. He was named after UNC basketball player Ed Cota (Go Heels) although, truth be told, he is more of a UConn fan, even if it means putting aside the natural bulldog – huskie rivalry. Regardless of his favorite team at the moment, one thing is true – he hates Duke.

Cota has perfectly straight bottom teeth, a “chicken nugget” tail, a distinguishing single black claw and, according to many, the world’s cutest cankles. He has numerous talents, including the ability to snore with his eyes open and being a world class bed-hog and cuddle-bug (occasionally at the same time). He fashions himself a great swimmer but the reality of gravity means he is more likely to sink like a cinder block, thereby necessitating fully-clothed human rescues. As a result, he can be found in a life jacket anytime he is near a pool. Cota loves crumpled paper, dive bars and dressing up as his favorite Star Wars characters.

Cota is excited to share all of his #cotascorner content with the world – follow the Catchmaster® blog and social media platforms for more great content!

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