The Secret to Why Pests Love Your Home

Much of the country experienced a very wet winter and spring. We are hearing from the pros that all of this moisture is already resulting in a tough pest season. Rodents moved indoors to escape the harsh winter weather while ants, carpenter ants, termites and beetles are making pest control company’s phones ring early this year. But wait, what do the wet weather patterns have to do with pests in my home? Let’s take a closer look. Pests need three things to survive: food, water and shelter. You probably already realize that cleaning up crumbs and spills and keeping food products sealed is essential to a pest-free home. And, your home naturally provides shelter. But, water and moisture are often overlooked attractants for pests into your home. If you think about it those areas of your home that have water sources are probably the same rooms where you see the most pests: a damp basement, kitchens and bathrooms are often the areas that pests are most often seen. Water or moisture is often the reason that pests are attracted to a home. Some of the following common household problems are often overlooked water or moisture sources and can attract pests into the home and help them to flourish:
  • leaky pipes
  • damp basement
  • poorly draining gutters
  • ground slope around the exterior of the home
  • drip plates for household plants or air conditioners
  • poor ventilation
Now that you understand the important role that water and moisture play in attracting pests to your home you can do your best to monitor water problems and address them quickly. If you have an area of the home that is always damp and pests are plentiful, installing a quality dehumidifier will help to reduce moisture and therefore, reduce pest problems as well. The best way for homeowners to identify indoor pest problems and eliminate them quickly is to uncover a problem early. Monitoring your home for an infestation is the key. Our pest products online offer the homeowner a wide array of ways in which you can discreetly monitor your home for pest activity. Glue boards are a simple, green and economical way to uncover pest problems early and correct them. Monitor like the pest professionals do with a reliable line of glue products. Visit us online to learn more about how to monitor your home for pests.
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