Tips for Fruit Flies - Big Ed's Trapping Tips

With the summer months upon us so is the reminder that a pest loves fresh produce almost as much as us. Fruit flies are a significant nuisance pest and have a powerful sense of smell. The spend their whole life in search of rotting fruit and once they find a source they can quickly become an issue. Here are some tips for getting fruit flies out of your hair this summer.

4 Tips for Catching Fruit Flies

  1. Utilize the Catchmaster® fruit fly trap - the all natural trap is safe to use around food.
  2. Use a glue board under your fruit fly traps. Fruit flies tend not to land directly on their intended food source but often land close by and walk around to investigate, providing an opportunity to increase your catch.
  3. Place your fruit fly trap in the middle of an exposed glue board – this will allow you to pick up as many flies as possible as they seek their food source. This will dramatically increase your catch.
  4. Locate and remove the food source as soon as possible to get control over these nuisance flies.

Additional Resources

Catchmaster® crawling pest and insect traps are ideal glue boards to utilize, learn more here: Learn more about Big Ed here: Learn more about fruit flies from the NPMA here:
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