Tips for Monitoring for Pests in Your Home

Do it yourself pest control monitoring made easy! Whether you have a current pest infestation, believe you just got one under control or want to monitor to see what pests may be in and around your home, glueboard monitors can help. These small non-toxic, cardboard trays can be strategically placed in inconspicuous areas of your home to see what pests are present. Let’s take a look at suggested placement for glueboard monitors to simply monitor your home for pests. Ensure that the glueboard monitor you are using is non-toxic (if it is Catchmaster brand then rest assured that it is non-toxic). Strategically place out of the way of children and pets. Remember, these boards are extremely sticky, we recommend you fold along the creases to create a box before placing, this reduces the risk of a pet or child coming into contact with it. Where to Place Your Glueboard Monitors:
  • Go where the pests are! If you are noticing a lot of spiders or insects in a particular area of your home then you will want to place the monitor(s) in that area.
  • In your living area look for dark, undisturbed areas of the home that pests prefer. Out of the way corners, behind furniture, behind cabinets and under appliances are typical locations. Our glueboards are scented to attract pests so no need to include additional bait to catch pests.
  • Pests are often attracted to damp, moist areas of the home. Place our glueboards in your basement or the lowest level of your home where pests most often enter.
  • The attic is another popular area to monitor. Pests often enter through your roofline and overwinter in your attic. If your attic is unfinished consider laying the glueboard flat (do not create a box) and place every few feet along the perimeter of the attic.
Glueboards are a simple, green, cost-effective solution to tackle small pest populations on your own. They can also tip you off to a possible infestation when high pest populations are caught.
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