Big Ed's Trapping Tips - Tree-Banding Barriers

Tree-Banding Barriers Start the spring spotted lanternfly tree-banding season off with narrow barriers. Emerging early instars are relatively small and many individuals can occupy a small space. Tree bands for these early emergers should be 4-6 inches wide and wrapped tightly on tree trunks. In addition to capturing thousands of juvenile SLF’s as they move up the tree a narrow barrier will conserve and maximize raw materials while minimizing exposure to non-target species. As the season progresses and the nymphs grow larger, they continue to molt into adults. You should increase your band size to 12-14 inches wide to provide maximum surface area for the larger adult lanternfly as well as other pests associated with them. Learn more about the spotted lanternfly from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture here: Learn more about Big Ed, our Chief Trapping Officer, here:
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