Rodent Prevention Tips

With fall approaching and temperatures dropping it can only mean one thing – the rodents are coming! Rodents seek the indoors for warmth when it gets cold outside and that is why we are going to be sharing some #rathunters tips throughout the season. Below are 4 quick consumer tips on how to prevent rodents. For pest management professionals, these are great to share with clients.
  1. Clean: Rodents seek food sources around the home. Keep food in thick containers that are sealed tightly and off the floor. Keep outside trash areas clean and sealed tightly and give any grills a thorough cleaning. Put pet food away after use and do not leave out overnight.
  2. Seal: Rodents can squeeze through holes as small as the size of a nickel. Seal up any holes in the exterior of your home, including around doors, vents and any crawl spaces. Inside the home be wary of any holes that lead to the kitchen or around closets and fireplaces.
  3. Monitor: Regular observation is critically important. Understanding the rodents that are in your home is key to developing a plan to prevent and trap. All of our glue traps are effective monitors as they will provide insights into the types of rodents in your home as well as their behavior.
  4. Trap: If rodents do make it inside your home, trapping can be an effective way to eliminate them. However, if you aren’t cleaning, sealing and monitoring you may just be inviting more rodents into your home so remember steps 1, 2 and 3 first. If you are trapping, check out our collection of safe and effective Catchmaster® traps here:
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