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Rat Glue Trays: Strong Hold, Maximum Efficiency

Our rat glue trays are crafted with an industrial-strength adhesive, providing a powerful solution to capture rats securely. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, these trays are an essential tool for maintaining a rat-free environment without the use of harmful chemicals.

Snap Traps: Precision Engineering for Quick Action

Catchmaster's snap traps are synonymous with reliability and ease of use. The robust construction and sensitive triggers ensure a high capture rate, offering a swift method to control rat populations. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, these traps provide peace of mind in rat management.

Pest Control Kit: All-in-One Rat Management Solution

Our pest control kit is the ultimate tool in rat management, combining our best rat glue trays and snap traps with additional resources for a comprehensive approach. This kit is designed to equip you with everything needed to tackle a rat infestation effectively, ensuring long-term protection and control.

Safe and Sustainable Choices

We prioritize safety and sustainability in our products, offering solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Our rat control products are a testament to our commitment to Intelligent Pest Management and environmental stewardship.

Our Quality Promise

Catchmaster stands behind the quality and effectiveness of our rat control solutions. With our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you can trust in our products to deliver results. If you're not satisfied, we're committed to making it right with a refund or replacement.

Choose Catchmaster for Reliable Rat Control

With over 65 years of expertise, Catchmaster is your trusted partner in pest management. Our rat glue trays, snap traps, and pest control kits are designed to offer reliable, humane, and effective solutions for any rat problem. Trust in Catchmaster for your rat control needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert solutions.


How do glue traps ensure effective rat control?

Catchmaster glue traps use a high-strength adhesive to securely capture rats, making them highly effective for indoor and outdoor use. These traps are a preferred choice due to their reliability and ease of use.

How often should I check and replace Catchmaster rat traps?

It is recommended to check the traps regularly and replace them once they are full or after a period of inactivity to ensure they remain effective. For glue traps, replace when they become dusty or less sticky.

Can Catchmaster rat traps be used in commercial settings?

Absolutely. Catchmaster rat traps are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Their robust design makes them ideal for heavy-duty use in places like warehouses, farms, and restaurants.

What environmental factors should I consider when using Catchmaster rat traps?

When deploying Catchmaster rat traps, consider environmental factors such as humidity and temperature which can affect adhesive effectiveness. For outdoor use, place traps in sheltered areas to protect them from weather elements.