Catching Mosquitoes

Eliminating mosquitoes often means larvicide, and this can be put into still water where necessary. Inside the home, however, it’s a little difficult to do this as the insects are already fully formed. The Catchmaster® SilenTrap™ is a silent way to kill a wide variety of insects, as it uses refillable glue boards, and it utilizes the same UV technology that you see in commercial kitchens and preparation areas to attract them.

The GLOstik™ flying insect trap uses a battery-powered LED bulb to attract mosquitoes and stick them on an adhesive-coated tube. This traps insects that may have wandered in during the day so they don’t bug you at night. Other options include the PRO SERIES Gold Stick™ fly trap and the giant fly glue trap.

Other Means of Eliminating Mosquitoes

Other methods include the Catchmaster AGO trap, which helps trap mosquitoes outside or in a large bucket that automatically eliminates them. This provides an alternative to using insecticides.

In some areas, biological controls are used by introducing methods that attack mosquitoes directly. These have had some success, but genetic manipulation has had much better results. The latter involves releasing millions of sterile males or transgenic males that require a compound to breed, typically something unobtainable in nature. These transgenic males overrun the local population, but because females are mating with them, those females then produce offspring that cannot develop, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the population.

Ultimately, the most effective steps you can take are reducing sources of water around your home and using dedicated mosquito traps to eliminate them as they come in. Choose Catchmaster® products to keep your home free from the buzz of mosquitoes.