Preventing Moth Infestation

Exclusion is the easiest way to prevent a moth infestation, so put screens up on windows, even when they’re not open, and ensure that you have an airlock as the main entry point in the house. Eliminate cracks and ventilation shafts, and keep doors to vulnerable areas (bedrooms and pantries) closed when not in use. Don’t forget to secure birdseed and other dried foods in sealed tubs.

You should also continuously monitor your home for signs of these pests. Catchmaster® pantry pest and moth traps use pheromones to attract moths and lure them into the glue, making capture and identification simple. The moth attractants are non-toxic, making them suitable for use in a wide range of areas. Inspect them every week.

Catchmaster® clothes moth traps are ideal for capturing clothes moths in the bedroom and in other areas. Again, these have a lure that’s aimed at this species, making identification relatively simple. The trap covers the common clothes moth and the casemaking clothes moth.

You should also regularly inspect any stores of meal, grain or flour you have for signs of moth infestation. Carpets are particularly vulnerable.