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2 Count - Blue Ag Rolls XL - 12"x328"

2 Count - Blue Ag Rolls XL - 12"x328"


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Upgrade your agricultural pest control with Catchmaster's Blue Agricultural Pest Monitor Rolls. Designed for heightened sensitivity to specific pests, these double-sided sticky rolls are a vital tool for monitoring and managing the insect population in large agricultural areas or greenhouses.

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Benefits of Using Blue Ag Monitor Rolls:

  • Targeted Pest Control: Optimized to attract and capture aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and other harmful insects, but is especially effective against Thrips.

  • Easy to Deploy and Maintain: Simply unroll and place strategically throughout your cultivation area for continuous monitoring.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Provides a chemical-free solution, ensuring the safety of crops, wildlife, and humans.

Optimal Use for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Strategic Placement: Best results are achieved when the rolls are placed around the perimeter of the area and between the rows of plants.

  • Routine Monitoring: Regularly inspect the rolls to assess pest presence and adjust control strategies accordingly.

  • Adjust Placement Based on Seasonal Changes: Different pests have varying activity levels throughout the year. Adjusting the placement and quantity of the rolls can help better target specific pests during their peak seasons.

  • Complement with Visual Attractants: Some pests are drawn to specific colors or patterns. Adding supplementary visual lures near the rolls can increase the catch rate.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Keep detailed records of the catch from each roll to identify patterns or sudden changes in pest activity. This data can guide future pest management decisions, helping to optimize strategies and improve crop protection.

These additional tips aim to provide more comprehensive control and monitoring, ensuring that your agricultural environment remains as productive and healthy as possible.

Ensure your crops are protected and your yields maximized with these efficient and easy-to-use monitoring rolls.