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Brown Recluse Spider Glue Board Traps

Brown Recluse Spider Glue Board Traps


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Our Brown Recluse Spider Glue Board Traps are crafted using AP&G's legendary non-toxic glue formula, providing a safe yet highly effective solution to your spider problems. Designed for ease of use and optimal performance in challenging environments, these traps are ideal for maintaining a spider-free home.

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Key Benefits

Immediate Action: Simply remove the protective cover and place the traps in high-activity areas. Our sticky formula starts catching immediately, with no additional bait required.

Low Maintenance: Set it and forget it with our glue boards that only require occasional checking and replacement, saving you time and effort.

Versatile Use: Perfect for both dry and dusty conditions, our traps can be placed along walls and corners where spiders and other crawling insects are frequently observed.

Safe for Home Use: Our glue is non-toxic, ensuring safety for both pets and family members. Accidental contact can be easily resolved with common household oils.

Cost-Effective: Enjoy professional-level pest control at a fraction of the cost. Our traps offer a practical, do-it-yourself solution without the need for professional intervention.

Optimal Placement Tips

For best results, place the traps along the baseboards, in corners, and in any areas where spiders are seen. The traps perform best in warm, dry places and can be folded to fit snugly into various spaces.

A Trusted Solution

With Catchmaster, gain peace of mind knowing you are using a product trusted by pest control professionals. Effective against a broad range of spiders, including the elusive brown recluse, our traps offer a reliable and humane method to control unwanted pests.