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CentipedeXL Centipede Patterned Glue Board Traps

CentipedeXL Centipede Patterned Glue Board Traps


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Catchmaster's CentipedeXL glue board traps are engineered with our exclusive, non-toxic glue formula. These traps are perfectly balanced to capture centipedes and other crawling insects efficiently without causing inconvenience to you or your pets.

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Key Benefits

Immediate Results: Unpack, peel off the cover, and place the traps where needed. They start working instantly, no additional bait required.

Minimal Maintenance: These traps require only simple set-up and occasional checks, offering a hassle-free pest control solution.

Ideal for Sensitive Environments: Designed to function optimally in warm, dry, and low-dust areas. Their effectiveness is maintained across a variety of domestic spaces.

Safe for Home Use: The glue is safe for both pets and humans. Any contact with the glue can be cleaned off easily using vegetable or food-grade mineral oil.

Cost-Effective: Get professional-grade efficiency without the professional price tag. Simple application, no extra tools or inputs needed.

Best Practices for Placement

Install the traps along the lower sections of walls and in corners where you notice insect activity. Our glue boards are most effective in controlled environments that are warm and dry.

Trusted and Economical Pest Control

Trust in Catchmaster for your pest control needs. The CentipedeXL traps offer a practical, economical, and effective solution to manage centipedes and other pests in your home without resorting to professional services.