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Window Fly Traps

Window Fly Traps


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Catchmaster's Fly Window Strip Traps redefine the approach to fly control, offering a waterproof, non-toxic, and disposable solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, each strip can capture over 2,000 flies, providing year-round protection against these common pests.

Immediate Action with No Additional Bait Needed

Our Fly Window Traps are ready to use right out of the box, eliminating the need for additional bait. The straightforward application involves simply sticking a trap to a window, where it goes to work immediately, attracting and capturing flies with no further setup required.

Low Maintenance for Busy Lifestyles

Designed with convenience in mind, Fly Window Strips serve as both a treatment and prevention solution against flies. These traps require minimal maintenance, involving only the simple tasks of setting and checking, making them ideal for those seeking an effective yet low-effort pest control option.

Easy Setup for Optimal Effectiveness

To ensure the best results, follow these important setup tips: Peel off the thin white lining on the Fly Window Strip and adhere the strip trap to a window sill, patio door, or garage wall. Then, remove the remaining lining and smoothly adhere the strip to the surface, ensuring it's tightly affixed for maximum fly attraction.

Safe for Homes with Pets and Children

The non-toxic nature of our Fly Window Traps means that accidental consumption of the glue, while not advised, poses no harm to pets or people. This safety feature makes our traps a preferred choice for households looking for effective fly control without the risks associated with toxic chemicals.

Professional-Grade Quality at an Affordable Price

Catchmaster's Fly Window Traps offer the same professional-grade quality used by pest control experts but at a fraction of the cost. These traps provide a cost-effective solution, requiring only a small investment of your time and no additional inputs, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking efficient fly control.

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