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Oasis Ovi-Mini Water Jar & Glue Board Mosquito Trap Set

Oasis Ovi-Mini Water Jar & Glue Board Mosquito Trap Set


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Catchmaster's Oasis Ovi-Mini Water Jar & Glue Board Mosquito Trap Set is designed to target egg-laying female mosquitoes by replicating breeding sites, effectively luring and using AP&G's legendary glue formula to trap them. The trap comes in a kit of 4, offering comprehensive coverage for an average-size property, and can be placed on the ground or hung. It operates using a organic materials from around your yard and water, making it safe, non-toxic, and electricity-free.

  • Treat & Prevent Pest Problems: The water jars are effectively glue traps disguised as breeding sites for mosquitoes. They are drawn to the scent of decomposing organic material and nest there before going out to feed, never to leave.
  • Low Maintenance: Assemble the water jar and glue board traps and place in your yard. Check every few weeks to check for glue board usage.
  • Important Set Up Tips: Assemble trap following the directions it comes with. Add water and organic material, then place in cool damp spots around your yard.
  • Non-Toxic: Consumption of the glue, while not recommended, is not harmful to pets or people. If a person or pet comes into contact with a glue board, the mess is likely to be small, but you can remove glue using vegetable or food-grade mineral oil.
  • Cost-Effective: These are the same traps that a professional will use when they come to your house, but without the cost. Application requires a small amount of your time and no additional inputs.

Most Effective Trap Against: Mosquitoes

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