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Reusable Fly Jar Traps

Reusable Fly Jar Traps


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Catchmaster's Reusable Fly Jar Traps utilize a potent fly bait attractant to lure and trap various fly species effectively. It's non-toxic, easy to set up, and completely reusable.

  • Treat & Prevent Pest Problems: Additional baits not required with original purchase, refills sold separately. Once baited and filled with water, the fly jar trap goes to work right away.
  • Low Maintenance: Each one can catch up to 10,000 flies, so you do the light work up front and then relax.
  • Important Set Up Tips: Unscrew cap and add warm water. The bait is already inside. Screw cap back on and place in desired location.
  • Non-Toxic: Consumption of the bait, while not recommended, is not harmful to pets or people.
  • Cost-Effective: These are the same traps that a professional will use when they come to your house, but without the cost. Application requires a small amount of your time and no additional inputs.

Most Effective Against: Flies, Gnats

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