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Vector #911 Pro-Series Fly Trap

Vector #911 Pro-Series Fly Trap


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Harness the power of UV light with the Vector #911 Pro-Series Flying Insect Light Trap, designed to offer unrivaled control over flies and gnats. This high-performance trap is ideal for commercial spaces, including restaurants, hospitals, and warehouses, where effective pest control is crucial.

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Safe and Effective Pest Management

The Vector #911 uses a non-toxic glue board to securely capture insects, providing a safe and clean alternative to chemical sprays. This method is environmentally friendly and safe for use in areas frequented by people and pets.

Efficient and Low-Maintenance

Equipped with easy-to-replace glue boards and bulbs, the Vector #911 ensures ongoing protection with minimal maintenance. Its robust design and efficient operation make it a cost-effective solution for maintaining hygienic environments.

Why Choose the Vector #911?

Select the Vector #911 for its powerful performance and ease of use. It's an essential tool for businesses needing reliable, continuous fly control to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for both customers and staff.