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Fly XL™

Fly XL™


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Elevate your approach to insect control with Catchmaster's Fly XL giant window traps. These innovative window fly traps offer a simple, discreet way to capture flies and other flying insects where they are most likely to enter your home or business. With a design that adheres directly to your windows, these traps utilize natural lighting to enhance their attractiveness to pests, all while remaining hidden from view.

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Why Choose Our Giant Fly Window Traps?

  • Transparent Design: Blends seamlessly with your window, ensuring an unobtrusive presence.

  • Non-Toxic Adhesive: Safe for use in environments with children and pets, providing peace of mind.

  • Easy to Use: Simply peel and stick to the inside of your window. The natural light does the rest, attracting flies to the sticky surface.

Placement Tips for Optimal Effectiveness:

  • Target High Traffic Areas: Install on windows near garbage storage areas or where food is exposed.

  • Regular Replacement: To maintain effectiveness, replace the traps periodically as they fill with insects or every three months as part of a regular pest management schedule.

  • Seasonal Use: Adjust the frequency of trap replacement based on seasonal variations in fly activity. Increase replacements during warmer months when flies are more prevalent.

  • Complement with Other Methods: While window traps catch flies that enter, consider using other forms of pest control like door seals and fan air curtains to minimize entry.

By integrating these practices, you ensure comprehensive control of flying pests, keeping your spaces comfortable and hygienic.

Enhance your living or workspace with our giant fly window traps and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable environment.